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Why a Customer Affinity Workshop Is Your First Step To Building a Breakthrough Brand

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

It’s 2020 – and we’re smack dab in the middle of a customer rebellion. Your customer is in control, and they want to do business with life-changing brands. If all your business has to show for itself is a cool logo and a well-designed website you simply won’t last. Consumers want more. They demand more. Whether you’re looking to define, revamp, or completely overhaul your brand, a Customer Affinity Workshop is your first step to building a breakthrough brand that will stand the test of time.

What is a Customer Affinity Workshop?

A Customer Affinity Workshop is a collaborative work session designed to bridge the gap between consumer insights and brand affinity for your business. Built on the principles of servant marketing, the goal of a customer affinity workshop is to build a foundation for your brand that is completely consumer-driven.

What does a Customer Affinity Workshop with Servant Marketing Co. Look Like?

A Customer Affinity Workshop with Servant Marketing Co. is eye-opening, engaging – and at times – mentally challenging work. You’ll walk away with deep consumer insights, an emotionally engaging brand identity, and an actionable marketing plan to grow your business by connecting with customers on a more human level. You can distill a Customer Affinity Workshop down to 3 parts:

  1. Defining Your Customer - Exposing Human Truths

  2. Showcasing Your Unique Selling Proposition - Creating Congruence

  3. Developing Your Brand Identity - Stimulating Consumer Impulse

Part 1: Defining Your CustomerExposing Human Truths

This is where we will use research, customer insight exercises, and deep discussion to understand and define your customer – inside and out. We’ll dive into:

  • Demographics: Who they are, what they look like, and how they live their lives

  • Psychographics: How they view the world and what values are important to them … and most importantly ...

  • Deep Human Truths: Their biggest fears, desires, problems, and dreams – what keeps them up at night and what sets their souls on fire

We’ll uncover all this and more together. And know, some pre-work will go into this part of the workshop. We will always do external customer research for you on our own, but to provide as much insight as possible, we would also like to work with a member on your team to collect internal customer data. (This all depends on how much data you already have, if you have available resources to collect any new data, and how much time we have to complete it)

Part 2: Showcasing Your USP – Creating Congruence

Now that we truly understand your customer’s “WHY”, we need to understand how your product helps them fulfill it. How does your business help them live the life they desire, or be the person they’re striving to be…? This is where we will determine the features and benefits of your offering, and construct your unique selling proposition. We’ll work with you to understand your product offering inside and out and how it should be positioned to make the biggest impact on your ideal customer. Here’s how this part works:

  • First, we’ll identify your product or service’s most compelling features and use deep consumer insights to determine their true benefit.

  • Second, we’ll create your unique selling proposition and nail down the messaging you’ll need to effectively sell your product.

  • And third, we’ll create an advertising blueprint that outlines specific tactics you can use to reach more customers and promote your product benefits and USP. Some examples could be how to use storytelling to promote your product, how to showcase its benefits on social media, or what email strategies you should use to persuade your consumers to buy.

Part 3: Developing Your Brand Identity – Stimulating Consumer Impulse

This is where we’ll develop or tweak your brand identity. Your brand identity is made up of your brand messaging, brand image, and your brand voice, and built on a foundation of core values and beliefs. But remember, this is all about taking a customer-led approach, so we’ll focus on how we can create a brand identity that stimulates your consumers’ emotions and natural impulses. Whether you’re looking to define, revamp, or completely overhaul your brand, we’ll navigate this together.

How is a Customer Affinity Workshop Different from a Regular Branding Workshop?

A Customer Affinity Workshop tears down the boundaries of your average branding workshop by creating a foundation for your business that is 100% customer-driven. Prepare to go deeper than you ever could have ever imagined in a regular branding workshop. We’ll dive into hours of insightful research, watch videos that invoke tears, and challenge assumptions you may not have even known your employees were working under. Get ready to think deep and work hard, but also laugh and collaborate with your teammates like never before. Trust me - you don’t want to miss this opportunity to grow your business, align your team, or connect with your customers on a more human level. Visit and contact us today to learn more. Cheers to our growth, Xoxo Sasha Canady Servant Marketing Co.

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