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Want an Innovative & Engaging Speaker to Talk about Servant Marketing at Your Next Event?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Public speaking didn't always come easy for me.

Whenever I had a presentation to give in college I'd go over my notes 20 million times right up until the last minute and would still find myself overthinking simple phrases and mixing up my words.

Pro Tip: Try not to mix up the words "prosecuted" and "prostituted," it makes for some really funny and confused looks from your audience. :)

But now I realize that that happened because I was talking about political science or the history of theatre, not something I loved – and certainly not something I lived and breathed every day.

Now, get me in front of a room to talk about servant marketing, servant leadership or driving a customer-led business and sparks fly.

Trust me when I say one talk like this can change the course of your life and business in a big way.

I'll never forget what one of my greatest mentors would tell me before hitting the stage:

"Remember: A whole bunch of people will be polite and nod, a handful of people will be positively impacted ... and there will be one person, ONE person who for whatever reason needs to hear your words right now. And the words you're saying will touch them deeply and actually change the course of their life!"

And honestly, I know it's true because I was that one person for him on multiple occasions.

So ... if you've been inspired by anything you've seen from me so far and are looking to make a big impact on your team, community, or fellow business leaders, I'd be happy to come speak for your next:

  • Leadership meeting

  • Company event

  • Podcast

  • Live event

  • Virtual event/webinar

  • Youtube video

And I'd love to cover:

  • Servant marketing (High-level or how it applies to a specific channel) - or -

  • Servant leadership in life and business

The talk can be completely customized to your business - whether it's in relation to current events, a challenge you're currently facing, or if it needs to be personalized for a specific audience.

Here are some more details on what you can expect from each topic:

Servant Marketing

  • What is servant marketing?

  • Why it matters

  • Benefits for your business

  • Real-life stories and examples

  • Actionable tactics

  • How you can implement it

Servant Leadership

  • What is servant leadership?

  • Why it matters

  • Benefits for your life, team, and business

  • Real-life stories and examples

  • Actionable tactics

  • How you can adopt it in your life and business

To get started on next steps, please fill out the contact form on our "Services" page.

I look forward to helping you introduce a new perspective on life and business and change lives together.

Cheers to our growth,


Sasha Canady

Servant Marketing Co.

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