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a 6-month journey of sisterhood & transformation to quantum leap in your life & business

mastermind + retreat



reawaken your inner changemaker & step into a new reality

This transformational experience is for the woman who is ready to step in to something new, different, or maybe just BIGGER & BOLDER ... but knows she can't do it alone.

After our 6 months together nothing will be the same. Here's why:


I can imagine that, right now, you're feeling the weight of isolation, going back and forth with self-doubt, and experiencing the frustration of playing small when your spirit longs for something greater. I know because that was me just 1 year ago. (I'm sure you've seen my transformation online as I packed up my entire life to chase new big dreams in Denver and have now opened my own co-working & community space for women in less than a year!)

But what if I told you that there's a transformative experience that's going to add more EASE & FLOW into your journey —a 6-month Mastermind and Retreat that goes beyond conventional coaching. This is an opportunity to join forces with four other remarkable women who understand the depth of your struggles and the magic of your dreams and are ready to offer unwavering support.

Throughout our time together, we will create a space where loneliness transforms into sisterhood, self-doubt into clarity, frustration into empowerment, and playing small into stepping boldly into your true soul calling.

Imagine waking up every day with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose, excited to grow a business that brings you joy and freedom. Picture yourself surrounded by a community of like-minded women who not only understand your journey but are dedicated to lifting you higher.

Our mastermind and one-on-one sessions will provide a haven for deep exploration and strategic planning, offering the tools and personalized strategies you need to propel yourself toward your soul purpose.


And the Denver retreat will engulf you in the power of in-person connection & sisterhood - with moments of reflection & rejuvenation, allowing you to tap into your highest, most authentic self in a serene and inspiring setting with luxury mountain vacay vibes. Just picture yourself waking up with a cup of steaming coffee on a balcony with a stunning mountain view opening your mind to all the expansive dreams waiting for you on the other side...



^Exact retreat location & date TBD based on the group's availability


Here's what you can expect after this transformative journey:

  1. Clarity: A clear understanding of your true calling and the path forward in your business.

  2. Empowerment: Confidence in your abilities and a strong sense of self-worth - tapping into the energy you were BORN to create.

  3. High ROI: Attract dream clients who align with your vision and values & implement soulful business strategies with a revenue-generating focus. 

  4. Aligned Action: this is a program of doing. Your life and business will look completely different as you quantum leap in just 6 months.

  5. Sisterhood: Gain a group of soul friends who will be your ultimate hype girls on this journey and beyond.

I believe in you SO bad, and I'm excited to invite you to step into your powerful metamorphosis, boldly & unapologetically. Join us in rewriting your story, shedding doubts, and stepping into a life fueled by purpose, joy, and unwavering support. The journey begins here – will you seize the opportunity? 

Only 5 spots available


meet your guides

---- Here to help you ignite true, long-lasting change & growth ----


Sasha canady


I’m your heart-centered business coach, serving as the driving force behind your transformative journey.  The perfect mix of strategy & flow – I help you connect with your community on a deeper level by tapping into your changemaker brand through soulful storytelling & magnetic business strategies.


Your catalyst for change, I specialize in helping you transition into your TRUE soul calling— a path that may be new, different, or BOLDER than your current reality. It's a journey that goes beyond conventional leadership, helping you unlock a level of magnetism and intuition that has always been within reach.


Last year I helped my clients bring in over 1 million dollars in combined revenue – simply by being their most authentic selves … & now I can’t wait to help you do the same.

Kristina Persson Nasti


Receive a 1-on-1 personal human design reading from Kristina to help you understand your true purpose, energy style and your best strategies for implementing this big, bold change over the next 6 months.


 Kristina's core belief is refreshingly simple: We're all born absolutely perfect. However, as life rolls on – influenced by society, friends, and family – we often end up wearing a mask that hides our true selves. That's precisely where Kristina steps in, wielding her unique blend of magnetism and manifestation. Her mission? To guide women back to their genuine selves and help them reclaim their "milkshake" – that special, indefinable quality that makes each person uniquely alluring.


Kelly noble


Kelly is a certified quantum coach and an expert in the unconscious mind. She’s helped dozens of women reprogram their energy to magnetize love, wealth, and build their dream business.

Together Kelly and her clients create ripples of change that extend beyond themselves, shaping a world that mirrors the love and abundance they cultivate within. 


She will be helping you unlock the unconscious mind to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. 

crystal rojas


Receive a re-brand shoot worthy of your evolution. Crystal will be joining us for the Denver retreat to capture & help you embody your transformation. 

A visual storyteller at heart, Crystal will help you show up as your most authentic self, chaos and all. She'll help you with poses, outfit choices and feeling embodied in front of the camera. 

Use the photos for your website, content, anything your heart desires to bring your true, authentic story to life and connect with your community on a deeper level.


Andrea stamp


Receive the energy medicine practices & tools you need to go inward, protect your energy and release any limiting beliefs holding you back on your transformation. This energy and inner work is the key to helping you step into your true power on your entrepreneurial journey.  

Andrea is here to show you your light & how to stand in your light and your power.  She is a wife, mother, Energy worker/ Reiki Master, Yoga & Pilates teacher, transformational retreat leader and heart centered ceremonial guide. 

She is your permission slip to shine brightly, to love boldly and to express your emotions freely. 

OK, but how will this all really work?

Transformation isn't easy, but it is simple. Our 6 months together will follow the 3 steps of long-lasting transformation:

step 1: The choice

There are 2 types of transformation - the one you choose & the one you don't. Empowered change starts with the choice & commitment to aligned action. 

In the first part of our journey together we will get clarity on the vision & declare the choice. We'll start with the self discovery, release any limiting beliefs holding us back and then dive into strategy mode, creating your personalized roadmap together.


We'll craft your brand alchemy (Your MOVEMENT, your story, your thought leadership, your impact, and your energy) and you'll walk away with the alignment & excitement you've been craving to build a true community behind your brand.

Brand Alchemy for Changemakers (1).jpg

step 2: The change

Nothing is off limits here. We'll begin to make the physical changes you need to see in your business to align with your vision.

New messaging, new origin story, new offers, new sales pages, new emails, new content - who dis? :) 

Passive income products for more time freedom & joy? Done. New coaching offers because you're ready to step into a mentorship role? Got it. New niche and dialing in your dream client? You bet.

Whatever we determine you need to make the impact on your heart, we'll put it into action.

  step 3: The embodiment

The embodiment stage is where you either create long-lasting change through consistency or let things dwindle and repeat old cycles. The latter ain't happenin' here sister...


We'll ground in your change with consistent support as you put your new changemaker brand to work. I'll walk alongside as you continue to show up in your true power – helping you with content, launching and the mindset challenges sure to arise.


the details:


For my fellow Virgos & detail-oriented Queens...

product images (3).png


2 mastermind calls/month - one for strategizing & one for integration & connection.


3 VIP days with Sasha one-on-one (1 at each stage - beginning, middle & end) to create your personalized strategy & roadmap together


Your retreat experience in Denver (travel is not included or coordinated) but lodging, meals & all activities are. Upgrades will be available! 


Branding photo shoot with Crystal (happening at the Denver Retreat) to show up online with power and intention as your highest, most authentic self.


Group workshops & activations from Kelly & Andrea to get your energy RIGHT.


BONUS #1: 6 month HERHAUS Membership is INCLUDED! (digital or inside HAUS Collective in Denver) for deeper connections & more community - $1,200 Value


BONUS #2: Access to my library of 15+ masterclasses and templates on creating passive income, email marketing magic, launch secrets and more - $2,400+ Value

product images.png

Ready to Get to Werk?

here's what happens when you trust your gut & go for it:

Other changemakers who are quantum leaping in their businesses:

Jess Rona

Celebrity Dog Groomer & Comedian

Megan Moeai

Artist & TikTok Creator

Iris King

Health Advocate & Content Creator

"Working with Sasha has been life changing for me and my business. She is so organized and has helped me to create and streamline my funnel so I have more time and energy to focus on attracting my dream clients.


Sasha is also such a good cheerleader, helping me through all of those moments when solopreneurship gets really hard. As a service-based provider, my focus is on what I do. Sasha is focused on the how and is the absolute best as it! If you’re looking for a coach who puts service and integrity above all, look no further. You’ve found her."

Devin, Reiki Master

Apply Now

The Return on investment $$$

*gasp* A coach is revealing the price without making me jump on a call first? Hell yeah girl. I know the value of this journey and I know the women who are meant for it are ready to make the investment AND see it's return in making their dreams a reality... 

This program is about action taking, is extremely "high touch" and enterprise level. It is all personalized to you and your business. You won’t find any generic business advice here, we will be making BIG, real, transformational changes in your business. We’re going to have a strong focus on revenue generating strategies – forging the foundation of your business growth for all of 2024 and beyond. I go DEEP and get very tactical - this isn’t a fluffy program.


What you get from it is what you put into it in terms of showing up online and embodying your transformation.


You ready? I am.

choose your experience:

(Early *butterfly* exclusive  - save $1,111)



3 payments of $3,000
6 payments of $1,575

PAyment plans:

Full Transformation

Just the MASTERMIND (No retreat)



PAyment plans:

3 payments of $1,900
6 payments of $1,000

(Early *butterfly* exclusive  - save $1,111)

Ready to Transform?

Let's grow, start here:

share your vision with me
I will reach out to you after to schedule your connection call to answer any questions you still have...r

This program is enterprise level quality, extremely personalized & includes tangible deliverables (ex. Your photoshoot and retreat) Investment starts at $8,888 (with payment plan options) Are you ready to invest in yourself?

THANK YOU!!! I will reach out to get our connection call scheduled to answer any questions you may still have...

I can't wait to see all that you do!

Talk soon – Xo,

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