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Humanize your
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Fearless Marketing Strategies for Small Business
Owners with the Courage to Change the World


Servant marketing for small businesses

Marketing & Coaching Services that Let Your Customer Take the Lead:

Marketing Consulting

Reach more customers and increase sales by implementing a customer-led marketing strategy with innovative tactics

On-site workshops

Discover your WHY, develop your brand identity, and connect with your customers on a deeper, more human level

Business Coaching

One-on-one coaching to help start your business, grow your sales, or tackle a specific challenge you're facing.

Marketing made Human

What is servant marketing & how can it change your life & business?

Servant marketing is marketing to serve before marketing to sell. 

Now, of course you need to sell ... but it's the companies that are *skillfully* using marketing to serve their customers FIRST that are building life-changing brands that stand the test of time.

Adopting servant marketing for your business means letting your customers drive your marketing strategy. 


Unfortunately, 90% of companies are still getting this wrong, and we see it play out in disappointing ads and slimy marketing tactics every single day.

And that's because it takes time, effort, and thoughtful – but sometimes tough – decisions. In fact, giving up control to their customers can be one of the hardest concepts for entrepreneurs and business owners to grasp, because it can take some serious courage and humility.


At Servant Marketing Co. we start with the dreams, fears, and desires of your customers and let them lead your marketing strategy. 


And the icing on the cake...?  Focus on increasing value for your customers and your sales are sure to follow.

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"I'm SO glad I decided to work with Servant Marketing Co. I now know how to reach more clients and am able to help guide them on their journey to a healthier and more fulfilled life."

Amanda, Bold Design Co.

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