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Nothing irks me more than when I hear someone tell you that your videos aren't performing because "your content just sucks." That's simply NOT TRUE.  You and your unique message are your content strategy's GREATEST asset... 

You simply need to learn how to strategically package it to stop the scroll, keep your dream customers engaged, and get them to take action.

Use these proven templates and spend less time stressing about your content performance, and more time showing up for your audience with your transformational message.

Plus Size Models

& Make more impact

The powerful video copy templates you need to boost your content 

Create scroll-stopping content that connects & converts




  • 101 hook templates 

  • 44 build up templates

  • 44 call-to-action templates

  • Editable video outline worksheet

Get just the 

101 Hooks for Changemakers

Your Content Booster Bundle

101 proven, editable hooks for your content



Everything you need to boost your content in a quarter of the time...




Save 34% ($10)

less time. more power.

Here's what you'll get...


101 Hooks for changemakers

Your hook is how you grab attention in the first 5 seconds of your video & is arguably the most important factor to whether your video stops the scroll or falls flat.


Think of this editable PDF of 101 proven hooks like mad-libs for your content. You'll be able to type in keywords from your business and then check them off as you complete them.


Use different keywords and they can be used over and over again. ​

44 "build up" copy templates

Your "build up" is the key to increasing your average

watch time without losing your audience's attention.


The #1 metric any platform looks at when determining if a video is "worthy" of being shown to more people is average watch time. (They want to keep you on the app!) so don't underestimate the power of a strong, strategic build up.  ​


44 call-to-action templates

Your call-to-action is how you get your audience to well...

take action. :) Without it you could be leaving engagement & money on the table.


These 44 call-to-action copy templates are divided into categories to help you either (1) increase video engagement (2) get more saves or shares (3)  build your following ​or (4) get more sales. 

Your video outline worksheets

Get organized and plan your videos with confidence.


Follow the video formula on this editable worksheet by filling in copy from the above templates, and hit print! You'll be all good to go on filming day – it's that easy!


(Great for teams to all be on the same page, too!) 


Okay, I'm sold. Let's do this...

Ready to light a fire under your videos?

What other changemakers are saying about my copy templates:


Yass! I'm ready to simplify & maximize...

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