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Let's transform your life & biz into a dream you can't wait to wake up to...

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Find your people, rediscover your purpose.

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Hey changemaker,

I’m going to keep it real…

You can’t reach your full potential alone. I know because I tried…

After I watched my mom claw her way out of a nasty divorce and rebuild her life, I was determined to never depend on anyone else to provide for me or give them the power to take it all away…

But it was just keeping me small & stuck.

I became a workaholic robot. I was obsessed with making more “revenge money” to stick it to the world and anyone who had hurt me. I was depressed, anxious and unhappy af. 

I was chasing personal freedom, but all I really wanted was to feel safe.

Until I realized I did feel safe when I was in the right rooms with the right women. They shared their purpose and gifts with me and I got clearer on my own. I listened and learned & they helped me transform my business, my health, my spirituality, my habits, everything. Through connecting with them I rediscovered myself & my purpose. 

Now I’m determined to bring that safe haven to you. 

HERHAUS is everything I didn’t have when I started my entrepreneur journey — so I created it myself… 

No more surface level connection. 
No more “is this a scam?” business education.
No more feeling alone & confused.

Just soul community designed to truly transform your life & biz. 

I can’t wait to welcome you in & introduce you to the other women. 

Welcome home, changemaker.


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